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You can search the Ajo Copper News web site to find the information you want.
Enter the word or name you are looking for in the box below and then click the search button.
If the results aren't what you expected, check below for tips to help you find what you want.

NEW! You can also now search our public notices. This information is recorded on a separate website.

Search Tips

  • Use names, not categories. Searching for obituaries or births probably won't get you the information you want. Search either for the full name of the person you are looking for (using quotation marks or the + sign -- see explanations below), or just the surname. While most recent births and deaths will be recorded in our web pages, arrests and marriages are not. Our online-archives are very limited.
  • Check spelling! The search engine looks for exactly what you type. It won't be able to find misspelled words unless we misspelled them the same way.
  • Avoid using common wordssuch as the, a, and, or, Ajo, and news unless they appear within quotation marks as part of a search phrase. The engine will give you every page those words occur on -- and those words occur on just about every page.
  • Use similar words, such as flowers blossoms blooms in a single search. We may have used a different word than the one you're thinking of. Every page with at least one of the words will be found.  And don't forget the difference that s can make. Flowers won't find the pages with the singular flower on them and neither will flower find flowers.
  • Use appropriate capitalization.Words typed in lowercase will find all instances of that word, capitalized or not. Words typed in ALL CAPS or with Initial Capitals will find only those words with the same capitalization.
  • Use quotation marks to make search phrases.Typing in copper mining will find every page with the words copper or mining anywhere, and in any order (and that will be every page, since they all have Ajo Copper News on them). Typing in "copper mining" (note the quotation marks) will find every page the two words appear together in that order.
  • Quotation marks can be useful if you are looking for a person's name. Typing John Smith will find every John and every Smith, while typing "John Smith" will find just the pages that have John Smith on them. It won't, however, find John A. Smith or Johnny Smith.
  • Use + or - signs. The plus sign tells the search engine that a certain word or phrase is required in the search results, and a minus sign indicates that a word or phrase must be absent in the search results.  For instance, +desert -flowers would find all pages that had the word desert but not the word flowers.

  • The + and - signs can be very useful if you want all the search words to be on the page but not necessarily in the order you type them, or even next to each other. For instance, +copper +mining will find a page containing mining of copper that will be ignored when using "copper mining" as the search phrase. Be sure not to put a space between the plus or minus sign and the search term.

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