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Sorry, at this time we cannot put our current classified ads on the web.

If you are looking for houses or apartments to rent or buy, we suggest you get in touch with one of our local real estate companies. Most of them advertise in the paper edition of the Ajo Copper News and several of them have web sites.

Links to real estate web sites may be found on our Ajo Links page, along with links to other local businesses and organizations.

If you just want to get a general idea of the local real estate or employment market, a digital image of an entire issue, including the classfied ads, can be found at SmallTownPapers. The issue is usually about a month old.

To purchase a single issue of the Ajo Copper News, send $1 with your name and address to:
Ajo Copper News, P.O. Box 39, Ajo, AZ 85321.

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